Seven Tiling Tips For the Renovator

Seven Tiling Tips For the Renovator

Here’s are our top seven tiling tips for renovators

1.  Texture – Never… and I repeat never used textured tiles on the floor.  Textured tiles are best on walls  – unless you have a cleaner that you need to keep very busy.

2.  Measure – Always take a tape measure when choosing your tiles – even though a tile may say 600mm it may not always be a true measurement.  If you are using different sized tiles which needs to line up to the floor tile, it may require some patience and maths to make up for shortfalls.

3. Size – If you have a small bathroom don’t use the new larger tiles.  It will require too  many cuts to create the right fall for your waste which defeats the purpose of having a large tile.

4.  Safety First – There are some great new tiles that have non-slip coatings so make sure you ask at the store what tiles will be right for your bathroom floor.

5. Trims – Always ask your tilers what trims they use as many tilers will do what they think is best.  Stainless steel trims are more common then bevelled edges these days, so make sure you ask if this is not the look you want.

6. Grout and silicone – If you trust your tiler implicitly then certainly get him/her to choose the colour match on your grout and silicone.  Otherwise have a quick look when you have chosen your tiles, you don’t even have to match the grout and tiles – get a bit creative.

7.  Get inspired – Try not to get overwhelmed by all the choices and when in doubt take a look in magazines and great sites like and so you can get inspired and show your tiler exactly what you are talking about.


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